OUR Story

The Company Ekisson is situated in Arezzo, Italy, one of the most important areas in the heart of the gold and Silver industry of Italy and the world.

Ekisson was founded in 1975, and in a few years,
with careful investment and innovative technology has become a leader in the production of alloys, metals and soldering for goldsmiths and silversmiths.

Our Mission

Our objective is to continue to invest in new technology and to improve production to obtain the optimum standards required by the gold and silver industry.

Investments dedicated above all to the search for a continuous development of our products in consideration of the goldsmith working typologies, increasingly sophisticated and in need of a very high quality standard.

Our goal is to ensure that you choose Ekisson products, because of our high quality and standards as well as our excellent customer service pre and post sales.


Why Choose Us

Choosing Ekisson means relying on a tradition of excellence and innovation in the world of goldsmith alloys. With decades of experience in the industry, we are recognized leaders in the unsurpassed quality of our products.

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